Month: February 2005

Oh, wow…

The only thing better than watching great Warcraft III replays is watching great Warcraft III replays with audio commentary.

UPDATE: Here’s some more!

God of War

Got the demo for God of War in the mail yesterday. I’ve been tracking this game for a while, ever since I saw the movies for it from last year’s E3. My thought then was, “If this plays as good as it looks…”

Well, it does. It’s dirt-simple to play, you can get by in the demo with just button mashing. But if you go into the options, you’ll see all the advanced moves which not only are more effective, they look…well, “freakin’ awesome” is about the only accurate way to describe it.

It gets even better when you start fighting the hydra. Because of the perspective, when the hydra lashes out, he often does so straight towards the camera, which made me jump more than once. Excellent stuff.

Downsides? Um…well, it took me a while to solve the included puzzle, not because I didn’t know what to do, but because those archers are so darned effective at destroying the box before you can get it where you need it. Also, there are so many things you can do that remembering what button does what in what context was kind of tough, especially for the shoulder buttons.

And I’ve no doubt that some people will play this demo and say, “Pff…hero fighting undead on a ship? It’s a total Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ripoff!” While I think it’s unfortunate that there are some similarities there, I thought the action was broken up a lot better in God of War, and the combat a lot easier to get a grip on. Plus the boss fights are far cooler. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full game.