Month: May 2008

Guess What I Forgot All About?

That’s right – the Ludum Dare. Once it was over I completely forgot about it, which means I forgot to play the other games of the competition and vote for them.

And now the results are out! I can hear you out there squealing, “Viridian! How did you do?”

Well…I came in Fifth in “Best Timelapse” 🙂

Here are my results. The comments are actually pretty kind; it’s just that the game wasn’t outstanding enough in any area to merit an award. Ah, well, it was my first time. I loved the “Women Are Monsters” award; it didn’t even occur to me that the symbol I was using was the “female” symbol…I can never remember which one is which anyway.

Oh, and I’m glad MrFun won best overall. I played his game, it was awesome.

500th Submit!

I just submitted my 500th change to my SVN server (I was refactoring some stuff on Planitia in preparation for adding the network code). I guess that’s some kind of accomplishment!

Name That Game 43!

And, with a sickening crunch of metal, we change gears again. I really need to get that transmission looked at.

Oooh, look at the pretty pixel art!

This screenshot is from a game released during the heyday of graphic adventure games, and is considered very good – but it didn’t break through and become a classic like a lot of its peers did.

Name and developer, please! If you’re right, I’ll use the giant laser I’ve been building in my secret underground lair to write your name on the moon! Or rather, I’ll do the best I can…to be honest, it would be a big help if the first three letters in your name are “CHA”.