Month: July 2010

Zeta Update: Three Hours

No, I worked more than three hours on Zeta this weekend, but a lot of work was done on the map editor. Just like with Inaria, any work I do improving my framework doesn’t count towards my time.

Basically all I have to do is make the map editor a little more flexible and I’ll be set. I eventually want an excellent map editor, with variable map size, lots of data for each cell, and lots of extra features, but that’ll be in the future.

Here’s a more detailed look at how I intend to pursue Zeta:


TIER 1: Must be completed within the 40 hours or the project is a failure.

Each “zone” in Zeta will be 64×64 tiles, so we can use our existing editor.

Our character will be able to initially run, jump, climb ladders, and shoot left and right.

We will have at least one enemy type for our character to overcome.

We must have at least two zones with a zone link between them.

Our goal must not be accessible until the player finds an upgrade of some sort. (Probably double jump.) This is what makes it a metroidvania.

All graphics should be ripped from Wizard for now, for speed’s sake.

At this point, a playthrough of the game will probably take about ten minutes.

TIER 2: Bring the game closer to feeling like a full game.

A menu.


More zones.

More powerups, and more areas to explore.

More enemies. Steal attack patterns from other games.

Add at least one musical track.

Sound effects from SFXR.

At this point, a playthrough of the game will probably take about half an hour.

TIER 3: Finalize the game.

Start replacing the Wizard graphics with Zeta-style graphics.

More music.

Add a conversation system that will allow us to tell our story.

Add some boss fights.

Testing to make sure the basic gameplay is sound and the game can be completed.

At this point, a playthrough of the game will probably take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Four Days

Okay. I think he’s crazy, but Brad has just given us all a four-day weekend for the 4th of July.

Which means I can actually work on something OTHER THAN ELEMENTAL!

So, a quick poll. What would you guys most like to see me finish? Or at least make significant progress on?

1. “Planitia. I’ve been waiting almost four years!”

2. “Zeta. A metroidvania sounds cool!”

3. “Let’s Play Starflight. I have to know how it ends!”

4. “Something else. The three above are old news.”

I can’t wait to hear what you pick!
No, really, I can’t wait. I’m actually going to be working on stuff in the meantime 🙂