Month: November 2011

Various Stuffing

Happy Holidays, for one thing! I hope your Thanksgiving was well and your Christmas will be merry.

I’m still chasing several different rabbits and I can’t seem to help myself.

First, I want to improve Inaria significantly and re-release it – and possibly release it for Android devices as well.

Second, I’m still learning Untity and JavaScript in an effort to get ready for DA FEWCHA!

Third, and last, the game that consistently generates the most Google searches on this site is Planitia. People want to know where they can download it, how much it costs and if there’s a demo. At some point the answers to these questions should become “here”, “around $5” and “yes”.

Gratuitous Tank Battles

Federal regulations require me to warn you that this next game…is lookin’ pretty good.

I love Cliffski. I’ve bought a lot of his stuff. But I didn’t buy Gratuitous Space Battles and I think I’ve mentioned why before – after playing the demo I didn’t think there was enough interactivity in the game section of the game.

Cliffski’s fixed that with this game. Gratuitous Tank Battles is a sort of real-time tower attack/tower defense kind of game with some interesting mechanics. It also still has the “design your own tanks” and “design your own levels” tools that GSB did. Definitely check out the video.

I Give Up.

Sometimes I try defending the game industry from critics who decry it as misogynistic.

“Female video game characters are shallow!” Not all of them, and frankly, most MALE video game characters are shallow too. A lot of games use interactivity to cover up their poor storytelling.

“Female video game characters are objects, solely there to be rescued by men!” I can name ten female characters off the top of my head who are either protagonists or integral to the plot of the game without being damsels in distress. And that list grows every year. We really are getting better.

“Female video game characters are usually portrayed in stripper outfits!” Yeah, well…okay, I don’t have a response for that.

But I was still trying.

And then along come THESE assholes: