My nine-year-old daughter pwned me for the first time the other day. Oh, sure, she’d beaten me before, at all kinds of games, but I have never had her lay the smack down on me like she did Saturday.

The game was Soul Calibur 2 (Cube version, of course). I was picking random characters, as I usually do, and the game gave me Seung Mina, who I am terrible with. The Badgirl was playing Cassandra, one of her favorite characters.

I got in an early hit, but after that it was all her – starting with a Guard Impact, which I didn’t even know she knew how to do. Then it was just wheel kick, spinning attack, sweep, etc, etc, until I was dead. No biggie…except that her last attack knocked
my character up in the air.

And then the daughter executed three perfect short stabbing attacks to juggle poor Seung Mina just enough to have her land over the edge…ring out – after defeat.

She beat me with style and grace and then added insult to injury.

I am so proud.