Um…why did I start this project again? More specifically, why did I start this project when the project I get paid to work on is due less than two months from now?

As of now I’ve spent about seven of my forty hours, and have nothing runnable to show for it. I got interested in generating fractal terrain for my city to sit on top of and…lost track of time. Even if I had completed the terrain generator, 1/5 of my time is gone and I certainly don’t have 1/5 of an RPG.

At this point, heavy sigh, it looks like I’m not going to get to work on the project any more before the June 18th deadline. I may spend another hour or two finishing the terrain generator (I know how it’s supposed to work now) and post that. We’ll just have to see.

Big lesson I’ve learned so far? Prioritization. I suck at it.