Day: November 15, 2005

I Must Be Crazy…

I’m actually thinking about what my next 40-hour project will be. Even though I don’t have this one half-finished yet. I’ve got a couple different ideas: a 40-hour space opera RPG, a 40-hour real-time-strategy game, a 40-hour Master of Orion-style game or a 40-hour Civilization-style game. Maybe I should put up a poll 🙂

40-Hour RPG Update 5: 13 Hours

(Note: Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday…I came home from work and went right to bed.)

This is going far slower than I intended…I had only intended for this to be a two-week project. I’m now in my third week and haven’t even used up half my hours yet! Still, the project is progressing, and it’s looking more like a game all the time:


The game now loads maps created with the editor. The player may move around the map, and is blocked by impassable terrain, NPCs and monsters. The player may walk over items, however. The text system is in, allowing me to have a scrolling text area at the bottom of the screen.

However, the player may not talk to, look at, pick up or fight anything. In order to get those actions into the game I need to create the actual item, NPC and monster classes. That’s going to be a huge wodge of content. I’m expecting it to take about five hours.