Hit & Myth had a budget of roughly three dollars and some pocket lint, so we were forced to do most of the voice acting ourselves.

Forced to. Really. We had no choice. It’s not like we liked making silly voices.

And, okay, I’ll admit it. I’m posting this stuff because I did a lot of voice work for this game and I want people to actually hear it.

If you’ll recall, when I came on the Hit & Myth project, it didn’t have a sound engine and it didn’t have any sounds! I came on at the end of March and E3 was in May, so this was a priority. We grabbed some stuff from our libraries but a lot of stuff had to be done from scratch, and fast. So one evening TJ O’Leary, our sound designer, fired up his recorder and I spent about an hour doing a bunch of zombie, wraith, ghost, alien, and skeleton voices. TJ liked most of them enough that he left them in the final game.

Later, after E3 was done, it was time to record the actual dialogue. Just about everybody pitched in. Here’s what everyone did and some samples.

Wynne McLaughlan, our chief designer and writer
Cadbury (the hero) – Wynne said this was his best Monty Python impression.

Michael Morlan, our producer and an experienced filmmaker and actor
The Narrator
The Big Kahuna
Santa Claws
Billy-Bob 209
The Jabberwock
Cthuluhoop (the main baddie)

Eric Peterson, our studio head
The Cheshire Cat

Mike McKinley, one of our artists
Santa Claus

Dave Shramek, designer
Pervis the Poltergeist

Steve Garcia, another artist
Jerry the Elf – Steve beat me out for this part, and I’m actually glad, because his Jerry was much better than mine.

TJ O’Leary, our sound designer
The Caterpillar

Robie Kentspeth, the only non-Gizmondo employee. She is a professional filmmaker and actress and a friend of Mike Morlan’s. She did all our female voices. I especially liked her Alice.
The Cyber-Reindeer
The Red Queen

Crypt Keeper
Scary Beast
Flesh Golem
Robie the Robot – This is basically our homage to the classic arcade game Berzerk.
The Balloon Elves – I insisted this line be in the game. It’s a reference to the Gnomish Flying Machine unit in Warcraft II.
The Suicide Elves – And this line was a reference to the Troll Batrider unit in Warcraft III.
The Snowman
The Scrinch
The Card Knights – For this voice, I basically just imitated the Spy unit from Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
The White Rabbit – I hate this voice; I pretty much came up with it on the spot. Wynne liked it, so I guess that’s all that matters (Wynne and Mike Morlan were co-voice-directors).
Shub Nogginsplitter (the last boss) – This is my standard demonic voice. My kids hear this one a lot.

I ended up doing almost every non-boss enemy in the game, plus a couple of the bosses. Ryan once described Hit & Myth as a continual battle between me and Wynne, and every time Wynne kills me I pop up in a new form.

And finally, this is my favorite bit from the intro movie.