Dead Rising is a proper application of next-generation technology. Observe the following hypothetical design discussion:

Capcom Designer 1: Okay, what can we do on the Xbox 360 that we couldn’t do before?

Capcom Designer 2: Make the exact same kind of games we’ve been making, only prettier?

Capcom Designer 1: Dude, we’re designers, not artists. What can we do from a design standpoint that we couldn’t do before?

Capcom Designer 2: I don’t know…um…instead of putting a small number of very highly detailed models on the screen, we could put a very large number of moderately-detailed models on the screen instead.

Capcom Designer 1: Okay, that’s a good start…what kind of game could we make with that technology?

Capcom Designer 3: How about a game where you can run around and kill hundreds of zombies using anything that comes to hand?

Designer 1 + Designer 2: JACKPOT!

In other ways, though, the game is quite conventional:

Capcom Modeller 1: I’m giving every woman in this game really big boobs.

Capcom Modeller 2: Why?

Capcom Modeller 1: Because I can.

Capcom Modeller 2: AWESOME!

But it’s not about the boobs. It’s about cutting zombie heads off with a scythe. And as a result, this is the first game to ever make me really want a 360. Maybe that’ll be my Christmas present to myself…