Sorry for revisiting this topic, but this was just too good to leave as a comment:

“WAAHH!–Ultima IX is awful–They ruined my game!”

It’s been 7 years, and I still hear mostly negativity toward this game. I apologize for using this forum to vent, but being that Veridian actually worked for Origin, I feel that I could at least get the benefit of the doubt here. My experience with U9 was a good one, and it holds a very special place in my heart for a number a resons. The game is still on *my* harddrive too, and I still find myself going back to it time and again.
It’s always the case that the negative voice is strongest, so let me go on record as being the first one to say–I found no major crash bugs in Ultima IX. Now, I think that’s because I was an Origin fan for years, and I was already used to heeding their words–when they said ‘UPGRADE’, I followed their advice as law, and I was never disappointed (well, there *was* that ‘Cyberman 3-D controller’ recommendation…but I’m not gonna get into that right now) 🙂

Having all the required CPU, RAM, and Video Card recommendations, there were no speed issues either, although I (unlike the nay-sayers) did not expect 30fps in an RPG. I glided thru Britian with a very respectable 9 FPS, and was delighted that I could set the view/graphics distances at maximum.

The plot-stopping bugs were fixed by the time I got to them, and I patched, and had NO PROBLEMS. There was a crash here and there, but I expected that from such a state-of-the-art game.

I will admit that the voice acting for the Avatar could’ve been a bit better, and that the plotline was not as deep as other games in the series, but I submit that U9 WAS and Ultima, and better than most computer gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Joe Garrity

I think I’m just going to let that stand as the ultimate rebuttal to my earlier remarks.