1. Daddy, what’s a harlot?

2. Daddy, can I get a tattoo?

3. Daddy, what is “Strutter” really about?

4. Daddy, what’s “Heart-Shaped Box” really about?

5. Daddy, what’s “Cherry Pie” really about?

6. Daddy, what does “FTK” stand for?

7. Daddy, what are suicidal tendencies, and what does it mean to be institutionalized?

8. Daddy, does Zack De La Rocha really mean to suggest that every single time a white cop shoots a black person it’s racially motivated, rather than the cop just doing his job?

Yes, I know, the original Guitar Hero also had songs of questionable moral fiber like “Infected”, “Fat Lip” and “I Wanna Be Sedated”. But GH2’s track list skewed much more mature…and I know if I buy it Megan’s going to want to play it. And yes, I’m in control. I could buy it and tell Megan that she can’t play it and she would abide by that…but I don’t think she’d really understand. It would seem unfair.

So I can’t buy it.

Maybe I’ll be able to buy 80’s Edition, should it ever show up.