All my games have been…”re-imaginings”, if you will, of games I’ve enjoyed in the past. The problem I had with Planitia is that it’s going to be so obvious that I’m drawing my inspiration directly from Populous II. But I just need to come to grips with the fact that I am not a brilliant designer, and the games I want to make tend to be similar to games I’ve played in the past and enjoyed but can no longer really enjoy, for one reason or another.

The interfaces for the early Ultimas frankly sucked, and getting them to run nowadays is a pain. I tried to fix that with Inaria.

Populous II had some problems with both its interface and how the player progressed through the game, and getting it to run nowadays is a pain. I’m trying to fix that with Planitia.

Ultima VII was a 3D game presented from a 2D standpoint, which created some design problems. Its inventory system was one of the worst I’ve ever seen and its combat was mediocre at best. And getting it to run nowadays…you see where I’m going. I’m going to try to fix all that with 3D RPG That Really Needs a Name.

And after that it’ll probably be an action game of some kind.