I’ll be doing an update daily until the game is released.

I’ll be honest – ODE really messed me up. It wasn’t just the wasted time; I also seemed to lose all my momentum on the project when I couldn’t get ODE working right. And then I started having problems with the terrain that I couldn’t seem to get completely right, etc…

But the good thing about working on a project like this is that there’s so many different things to do, if you get stuck on something you can just switch to something else. So last night I started working on the GUI.

GUI programming is technical and tedious but not really hard, so it’s a perfect change of pace. I’ve already got all the screens planned out and I almost have all the GUI elements added to my framework.

My framework supports four functional GUI elements:

Buttons – Working

Scrollbars – Not working yet

Radio Buttons – Working

Editable Textboxes – Not working yet

In addition, it supports three non-functional (decorative) elements:


Panels (drawn boxes, either empty or filled)

Static Text Labels

All of these are working.

The great thing about this is that it’ll make the product look a lot more professional and complete…even though it isn’t 🙂

I am hoping to get the final two GUI elements implemented and all the GUI screens set up tonight, so that this weekend I can get back to the main gameplay programming.