Still crunching, but we should be done by the beginning of next week.

One very positive thing I’ve noticed is that I am itching to get back to work on Planitia. I recently fired it up and took a look at it, and you know what? It’s a cute little game and it deserves to be finished. So it will be!

I missed another of Warren Spector’s lectures. Turns out the one I missed last week was with Id Software designer Tim Willits, not Richard Garriott like I thought. That is upsetting, because I’ve read Masters of Doom and I would have loved to have heard him talk about that same time period.

The one I missed this week was with – sob – Seamus Blackley. It would have been fantastic to hear about the development of the original Xbox straight from the horse’s mouth.

Ah, well…there will (probably) be a DVD at some point. At least I haven’t missed the three I’m looking forward to most: Reggie Fils-Aime, Doug Church and Paul Neurath.

And who’s up next week, when I’ll probably be able to go back? Richard, of course. Not that I have anything against Richard (quite the opposite); it’s just that since he lives here in Austin, I get to hear him talk a lot. And frankly, I’ll be very surprised if he can tell me anything about the development of the Ultima series and the history of Origin Systems that I don’t already know. (Good Lord, was that a conceited sentence or WHAT?)