Squaresoft goes and fulfills one of your fondest wishes and you don’t even know about it until three weeks after it ships.

I’m a huge fan of the Front Mission series. The first one I played was Front Mission 3 (because that was the first one that was released in North America) and I am apparently one of about five people who bought Front Mission 4. But the game I really wanted to play was the original Front Mission, which was created for the Super Nintendo and was never released in the United States.

So I’m at Best Buy buying a new headset and guess what I see? Front Mission has now been released…for the Nintendo DS. Is that perfect or what? At last we have an official translation, and from the movies I’ve seen it looks like the game takes great advantage of the DS’s dual screens. These games are so information dense that it’s a natural to give you an additional data readout on the top screen while the bottom screen always displays the in-game view.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make that my Christmas present to myself. Now if they would just release Front Mission 2. And re-release Front Mission 3 (my copy recently bit the dust). And finally release Front Mission 5…