Gianfranco Berardi, whose name I just love to type, is our winner! Here’s his winning email!


I was right about the first one. I found a website that hosted old
emulators and found Penny Arcade. I played it, and it looked incredibly
similar to the screen shot.

First game: Penny Arcade by Bill Budge

Second game: Rings of Zilfin by Ali N. Atabek of Strategic Simulations,

Third game: Styx by Matthew Smith of Bug-Byte Software Ltd

Since the second screen shot clues were later games by the authors, the
thing that these games all have in common is that they are the first or
early-made games by the authors.

Did I win? B-)

You are absolutely correct on all counts! A winner is you! Shine get! Flawless victory! Ding 70! You have ascended to Avatarhood!

I swear, next time I do this I’ll make it a little easier…