You can download it here.

What’s new?

* The following god powers have new functionality (but may be missing graphical effects): Healing Rain, Lightning Storm, Meteor, Golem.

* I have changed to the new animated sprites for all the walkers. Tell me what you think.

* You can now only add units to your army when your general is near one of your own villages. This fixes the problem of the AI sitting inside your village pumping out units in a continuous stream.

* Speaking of the AI, it has not been upgraded to deal with the new god powers yet, so beating it is now trivially easy.

* And finally new terrain manipulation system! This is what I’m really wanting feedback on, you guys.

Here’s how it works. The “Flatten” button is now gone from the UI. That’s because the cursor is now always in “Manipulate Terrain” mode unless you specifically choose another spell. You can tell when you’re in Terrain mode because the cursor will be white.

While in Terrain mode, you can left-click and hold to raise the terrain. You can right-click and hold to lower the terrain. And you can click both buttons at once to flatten the terrain. The terrain will be flattened to the height of the tile you originally clicked in.

What I’m looking for is feedback on how easy it is to use the new system and whether or not these expanded controls actually add anything to the game.

Please download, play and leave feedback! Thanks.