Day: August 1, 2008


I told you it was going to be a bit more involved. These games are all quite recent (released within the last three to five years) and are all PC games. So, to make things harder, I’ve given you a whole bunch of games to identify and have shrunk the screenshots down to 400×300. On the other hand, I’ve grouped the nine games into three logical groups so in the end it shouldn’t be too hard to figure them out.

Enjoy! If you are the first person to name all nine games and their developers, I will name a kitten after you.

RTS Games:

FPS Games:

Strategy Games:

Point? No, I wasn’t really trying to make a point. Why do you ask?

Amusing Email

Here’s the first bit of an email I got today:

Hello Anthony,

I hope this email finds you healthy and well *smile*. My name is Elizabeth and I am a Senior Talent Scout at [company name redacted] and I SO need your assistance.

Chuck, I need Senior SW Engineers with Casino Games experience like yesterday!!! This is for a fun, dynamic team in Austin, Texas responsible for the development and documentation of casino game software.”

Yeah, uh, you missed a search-and-replace at the beginning of that second paragraph, Elizabeth. It kind of spoils your attempt to suggest that this is a personal email directed solely at me.