Day: December 30, 2008

Planitia Update 34: Spit and Polish and Bailing Wire

All right, a new version of Planitia is now available. This version features:

* Images are now front-loaded, eliminating the pause when creating new units.

* Loading screen lets you know that the game has not locked up on startup!

* Icons are now the correct color, have the correct icons, and even have tooltips!

* Walkers now have a “farming” animation.

* The bug where units would occasionally walk backwards has been fixed.

* General and Golem units now have footstep sounds.

* Music! The music is “Overture” by Julia Ecklar, and I got it from Podsafe Audio.

Even if you don’t feel like playing it, if you could just download it and tell me what your initial impression of the game is – especially if you’ve not tried it before – I’d be very grateful.

The Job Hunt Begins

Okay, spent yesterday updating and tidying up my resume (you may click here to look at it if you want to give me feedback – or send it to your HR department!)

Now it’s time to start emailing it everywhere in the world.

It’s also time to start rememorizing all the answers to those tricky questions they ask you during programming interviews, like the four uses of const and what private inheritance actually means. Rereading Effective C++ will be helpful.