(For any new readers, PTFSD is short for “Put that freakin’ sandwich down!” and is the title of my personal weight loss initiative. The line comes from a Homestar Runner cartoon, of course.)

And now, drum roll please:

Current Weight: 318.3
Delta: Loss of 3.3 pounds
Number of days this week I walked an hour: 6
Number of days this week I ate fewer than 2000 calories: 5

You’ll notice my weight is a little higher than I reported earlier. I was pretty bad during the week of my birthday and my weight got up above 320, which prompted action. Now it’s coming back down again, thankfully.

Right now I don’t feel like making any projections about when my weight is going to be at what stage. Doing so always leads to disappointment. I’m just going to follow the plan and let it happen.