I had a responsibility that I had to discharge before I could have the time necessary to start on my “Make A Game and Sell One Copy by the End of October” thingy. (Needless to say I’ve already lost the competition; those Ludum Dare guys are ruthless!)

So the game is going to be Inaria. I’ve got the improved version I was making for the iPhone; since I don’t have the hardware necessary to finish that version it’s going to come back to the PC and be my first…commmercial…game! DUNH-DUNH-DUUUNH!

So, I’ve got nine days to finish Inaria and get it up and running. Dreamhost has a free “e-business” web package that I will probably use at first until I inevitably discover that it doesn’t fit my needs and I have to try something else.

Get ready to journey through a new Inaria!