Day: January 26, 2011

Getting Serious

Inaria now has a funding target of $500 on 8-Bit Funding. Should I make this goal, I’ll use the money to get better artwork and some music for the game. Help out if you can, and if you donate $5 or more you’ll get a free copy when the game ships on March 6!

Okay, THIS I can PLAY!

Blizzard is rolling out four new Starcraft II custom games. They are all in beta, but you can still play them. One of them is called StarJeweled.

The gameplay is pretty simple…you gain energy by making Bejeweled matches, then you spend that energy on spawning units or using special abilities. The game goes on until one side loses their base.

Notice how the team I’m on has WAY more energy than the other team. Notice how their base has far fewer hitpoints than ours. And notice how we won the game!

Okay, you can’t see that in the screen shot, but we did! It was my first multiplayer Starcraft win ever. Of course, it didn’t count because it was a custom game, but still.

Also, notice how, once again, what Blizzard calls a “beta” is equivalent to what any other company would call “a month after launch”.

PS on a completely different topic: I am moving PTFSD updates to Fridays, which will put them right before my “off” day (Saturday) I think this will more accurately represent my gain/loss for the week.