There are a whole lot of games that give you an “operator”. An operator doesn’t just give you objectives at the start of the mission – they’re constantly in communication with you. They hear everything you say, see everything you do (usually justified only vaguely in the game), update you on your progress, tell you when mission objectives have changed, give you useful information and if poorly implemented can really annoy the krep out of you. The odds of you actually meeting them in person are really low.

So, here’s a list of twenty operators…can you tell me what games they’re bossing the player around in?

1. Moya

2. Janice Polito

3. Irving Lambert

4. The Guildmaster

5. Otis

6. Rebecca Lansing

7. Atlas

8. EVA

9. Shinatama

10. Roy Campbell

11. Dan

12. Cortana

13. Mercury

14. Mike One Juliet

15. Anya

16. Zyzyx

17. Alex Jacobson

18. Major Zero

19. Augustus Sinclair

20. You