So, woke up Friday morningPAINPAINPAININRIGHTARM. It was unbearable, there was no position that would relieve it. Went to the emergency room, they prescribed valium and percoset, neither of which touched the pain. After 24 hours of agony, went BACK to the emergency room, they finally shot me full of something that relieved the pain and allowed me to sleep. It also made me loopy and incredibly nauseous.

After observing me for several hours, they doubled my prescription of valium and percoset and told me not to perform any repetitive stress with my right arm; i.e. STAY OFF THE DAMN COMPUTER.

On our way home, my wife made the mistake of asking, “Want some of my sandwich?” which caused the nausea to turn into…well, you know. But I was actually kind of glad it happened because I’d been feeling like it was inevitable for a while. I felt much better afterward.

Fortunately, the pain is mostly manageable now; I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow where he will probably prescribe physical therapy to help me the rest of the way. Been a very poor weekend, though. And I was going to compete in the a programming competition too 🙁