Know what will cheer me up? A Name That Game!

Sometimes in a game, there’s a place where all the moving and shaking happens. This place has the best nightclubs, the most plot leads and the richest trading opportunities. Exception: if the whole game is set in one city, it’s obviously the seat of power and thus isn’t on this list.

So here are ten “seats of power”. Can you name each game they are from?

1. The Citadel

2. Muirthemne

3. Starport

4. Skara Brae

5. Denerim

6. The City

7. Hephaestus (note: actually a district in a larger city, but this is where the leaders hung out)

8. Vivec

9. Detroit

10. The Hub

Good luck and have fun! If you win, I’ll invite you to live in this incredible undeground city I’m making out of an old salt mine and a bunch of school busses.