Month: February 2013

Travellin’ Family Circus

Today is moving day. We spent all last week finding a place and late Friday we finally got one to accept us. We finalized the deal yesterday and since we wanted the earliest move-in possible (for obvious reasons) we need to be there on Friday.

That means we are leaving today. The big stuff is packed but there’s lots of loose little stuff (like there always is). Fortunately the movers don’t get here until 10:30.

Then it’s off to begin a twenty-hour-long trip to Flowida, baybee!

At Last

This must be what it feels like to make parole.

This evening, I found out that I passed my background check and I will be starting work at Pace America, in Boca Raton, Florida, on March 4th…two days before my birthday 🙂

We got a bit of money from our tax return and hopefully it will be enough to get us down there. If anyone knows any good & cheap apartment complexes near Boca Raton, please let us know!