Month: January 2013

A New Possibility

Remember that interview I went on a few weeks ago, to Florida? You know, the one I was sure I bombed?

Well, they called back and made me an offer.

This…should be Happy Times, but it’s not yet. For one thing, it took them about a week to actually get me the offer letter, which I sent back last week. Now they are running a background check on me, and presumably, if I pass, they’ll finish the hire. I don’t even know what my start date might be yet.

I wanted to wait until I knew for sure before saying anything, but at this point it could be another week before I know for certain that the hire will go through.

Of course, even if this does go through we still have the problem of getting down to Florida. We’re hoping that our tax return might help out a bit with regards to that; we’ll see.

Still, it’s a possibility. One that would not only get me working again, but would get us out of Detroit.

Wish us luck.

Conquest on GOG

Okay! There is a game that came out on earlier this week called Conquest: Frontier Wars! It’s an excellent game (no, seriously, it is). It has interesting features no other real-time strategy game has ever had.

Aaaand…since I helped with putting together the GOG version, each copy you buy nets me a little money. Everyone wins!


The official Viridian Games site now has proper pages for Sandworm! and Castle Adventure, as well as updated source code and executables for both those games. So if you tried to play them earlier and had trouble, head over there and give it another shot!

Name That Game! 90 – The Good Ship Lollipop

In a lot of games, the PCs trade in their carts, donkeys or cars for large, sleek vessels worthy of the only important people in the world.

Here is a list of ten vessels. In which games are the players fighting in, on, over, or with the following ships?

1. The Skybreaker

2. The Zinderneuf

3. The Normandy

4. The Highwind

5. The Wall Cloud

6. The Ishimura

7. The Daedalus

8. The Rickenbacker

9. The Eidolon

10. The Borealis

Good luck! If you win, I’ll name the first yacht I buy in your honor.


The interview is over. It didn’t go that well. We’ll see.

So, a New Adventure.

I’m travelling tomorrow to sunny Florida for a job interview. I’d really like to get this job, I think it would be a good fit. Plus it would get my family out of Detroit.

If you could wish/pray/positive think me luck, I would appreciate it.