Like in any other storytelling media, a common mechanic is to have the main character be a fish out of water. A stranger in a strange land. A victim of the timey-wimey ball. It’s a great way to associate the player with the character they are playing – when the game starts, both have the same amount of knowledge about the game world.

In the following ten games, you play as a character transported to a new world. Can you name the games – and even better, can you name the worlds they are sent to?

1. A scientist working with a particle accelerator is suddenly transported to a brutally dangerous, alien world. He is captured by one alien race and escapes by befriending another.

2. A humble roadie is sent into a world where every heavy metal album cover has come to life and gone to war.

3. A patron of a renaissance fair is suddenly thrust into a classical fantasy world where his moral decisions become incredibly important.

4. A young boy and his friends are drawn through a magical book into a fantasy world where they must become mercenary soldiers while trying to find each other and find a way home.

5. Three astronauts – a soldier, an archaeologist and a reporter – are zapped through time and space to an alien world. They must fix broken alien technology, learn about the culture, and fight the temptation of immortality in order to get home.

6. A young boy uses crazy technology to travel to another world dominated by shadow creatures in order to save his dog. Or does he?

7. After its mothership is destroyed, a spacecraft scrambles away…only to be trapped in space warped by someone.

8. A young woman, born of a world of technology, accidentally transports herself to a parallel world of magic. She is then tasked with bringing balance back to both worlds.

9. You find a book with odd pictures, which transports you to a strange island. Other books lead to other worlds, and only by unraveling the secrets of the books and their authors can you get home.

10. A comic book artist, working late one night, has his current artwork struck by lightning. This causes him to trade places with the villain of his comic, who then spends the rest of the game drawing enemies for the artist to fight.

Good luck! If you win I promise I won’t cast my next experimental teleport spell anywhere near you. Or think about you while casting it. Wait…