I know there hasn’t been a lot of content on this blog in…well, months. And I apologize. And I’m thinking that now that things are settling down a bit the blog is going to pick up.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I read a book called Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength and it mentioned things that can sap your willpower.

(Which is really, really bad news for dieters because one of the things that really saps your willpower is low blood sugar.)

It put me in mind of the magic system for Dragon Age: Origins, which had its problems but did have one cool feature – instead of a mage having to pay every few turns for a “sustained” effect like fire resistance, you simply activate the ability and the mage’s mana cap is permanently reduced to pay for the effect. The effect then stays on indefinitely, or until you need that mana back to do something else with it.

And without getting into too many details, I’ve had a lot of mana drainers. Some of them just happen involuntarily and some are things I’ve chosen. But as you can imagine, a lot of those mana drainers have released due to my financial and employment situation improving.

And thus, I’m feeling like I can start blogging again.

But what about? I feel like I’m starting over. What shall I blog about?

When Alton Brown (still one of my favorite people) was asked what he does when he gets tired of cooking, he said (I’m paraphrasing here), “I cook eggs. Eggs are magic. They’re delicious in and of themselves, but they make so many other aspects of cooking possible. The proteins can be used to make custard and meringue. The yolks can be used to add richness to sauces. Brushing beaten egg onto baked goods helps them brown better. The lecithin in eggs is what makes mayonnaise possible. Eggs are magic, and I never get tired of cooking with them.”

So what are my eggs?

Classic games, or games in a classic style. Stripped down, fun elements. Piecing together a storyline myself. Coherent experiences.

Oddly enough, I’m not seeing anything on the horizon that really is going to scratch those itches, which is one of the reasons I talk more about older games.

But even so, you can expect more frequent posting in the future.