Month: August 2013


Wrong wrong wrong, wrongy-wrong-wrong.

Garrett concerned about power and wealth inequities in the City? Garrett does not care. Garrett does not give a damn about your revolution. Garrett only cares about himself. Garrett has saved the world before, but only because he likes standing on it.

Plus, the civil unrest and disease aspects give it a very Dishonored feel, which makes this game look like an also-ran instead of a reboot of the original stealth action game.

And the voice is all wrong. Stephen Russell is not dead; indeed, as anyone who played Skyrim can tell you, he is still doing voiceover work. Why aren’t you using him, you dumbasses?

Overall, not impressed. I guess it was too much to hope for.

Just a Reminder…

Conquest: Frontier Wars is still on, still less than $6, still an excellent game and still puts money in my pocket when you buy it. Everybody wins!

Chitin Update 7: 22 Hours

Sorry, I meant to update at 20 hours and it just didn’t kind of happen.

So what’s new? Check the screenshots!

20 hours:


22 hours:


So! What’s in?

All three unit types – the Brute, the Speeder and the Spitter – are in.

The base Colony unit that produces your units is in.

The Mite Nest unit that processes dead bodies into ichor for you or the AI is in. (You can see the flies that swarm around it in the screenshot above.) You can drop a mite nest anywhere to clean up the resources of dead units – of course, so can the AI. (In theory. Once I code that.)

The basic UI is in; press the button for each unit type to make one near your colony, press the + button next to a unit type to upgrade all units of that type (upgrades their armor by 1).

On the status line at the top, you can see your current ichor level and ichor drain (ichor drain doesn’t yet affect players). The green units on the minimap are the creeps; you must kill them to harvest their ichor (still a fun word to say) so you can beef up your army. You can harvest dead creeps; you can also harvest dead units belonging to you or the enemy.

I wanted basic gameplay done by 20 hours; I think I’ve mostly done that. Now, in the 18 hours left, I need to get an AI in, make a real map, balance it, add sound effects and add music (in that order of priority).

Still pretty sure I’ll get at least the first three things in.