I hate the word “blog”. I just hate it. It’s ugly-looking and hard to pronounce in the way that only odd contractions of larger words can be. It also conjures up images of people talking about one subject and one subject only.

So guess what I’m doing to the site?

Yep, that’s right, it’s going to become more bloggy. (God, and if there’s a word I hate more than blog, it’s bloggy). I wanted to keep this site strictly about game design, but the interconnectedness of all things won’t let me. There are simply too many times when I’ve wanted to talk about something here and stopped myself, saying, “Hey, that’s not really about game design.” I’m tired of having to do that.

So while I will still throw down with the frequent beefy post about how to make your games not suck, I’ll also be posting about cool stuff, games in general and life as a game developer here in Austin. I’m not going to mention where I work specifically (and standard boilerplate applies – my opinions are mine, not my employers), but I do want to talk about what life in the “industry” is really like. And hey, I’ve got the “Site Owner and Operator’s Perogative”.

What does this mean? Well for one thing, it means the site will get updated more often! Also, I’m going to be putting together a sort of “Intro to Game History” link bonanza for people who really want to learn about how computer and video gaming started and progressed, as well as links to other blogs that talk about game design (and guess what – there are some!)