Okay, the Lionheart demo. Lionheart is a fantasy RPG with some historical elements that looks pretty good. The problem is that Lionheart was pitched to the community as “Fantasy Fallout” and that just isn’t the case – combat is much more like Baldur’s Gate or Diablo than Fallout.

Which has ticked some people off.

While I’m not ticked (what, do they owe me a game or something?), I am disappointed. I haven’t played a good tactical turn-based RPG since Jagged Alliance 2. Or Grandia II on the Dreamcast…either way, it’s been years. I was hoping Lionheart would scratch that itch. Looks like it might be The Temple of Elemental Evil instead…though I’ve never really cared for D&D’s mechanics (compared to other, more elegant systems, they are quite clunky).

While Lionheart isn’t going to scratch my turn-based itch, the story elements presented in the demo were far more compelling and coherent than anything I saw in the first five hours of Baldur’s Gate II, so I may still give it a shot.