No music or sound effects. Sorry, just don’t have the time.

Mouse control is iffy. I really, really want it. It’ll make the game much easier to play. But a keyboard-only control scheme would be much easier to program. If I don’t use the mouse, people won’t be able to play my game without a thorough reading of the instructions to figure out what key does what. That makes it too much like a Roguelike. But supporting the mouse means I either have to come up with a rudimentary GUI system or find and figure out an existing one – and I have to do this BEFORE I can actuallly get started on my game.

I’m deliberately limiting myself to a single 256×256 tile file. Since the tiles I’m planning on using are 32×32, this means I’ll have 64 tiles to work with. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but my tiles won’t be animating, and heck, Ultima III was made with only 64 tiles.