Well, I-

Update zero? What the heck do you mean, update zero?

Well, I’ve had to spend some time updating my framework. Since that’s not time working on the actual game, it doesn’t count against my 40 hours.

Oh, oh, I see. You haven’t even STARTED working on the RPG yet.

Sigh. Yes, that’s correct. I haven’t started on the RPG yet.

So what could you possibly have to say?

As I was about to say before I was so-


-so rudely interrupted, despite not having started on the RPG yet, I have accomplished a lot. The framework needed a lot more work than I’d anticipated, and it also needed this:

The eyes creep me out...

That may not look like much, but if you click on that skull icon, the window closes. That icon is a black triangle that shows that my simple GUI system is working. Wrote it in three hours, and it means that I can have mouse control in the game.

Next update will show some real progress on the RPG, I promise.