Another update that doesn’t involve prettier screenshots. Sorry.

Of the Big List of Stuff To Do, I’ve managed to bang out the following:

  • Saving
  • Map links
  • Combat
  • Inventory
  • Equipping of weapons and armor
  • Using items
  • Selling items
  • Spells (except Smite)
  • Levelling up

So, lots of difficult stuff sorted now. Here’s what’s left:

  • Buying
  • Loading
  • Dying (death is currently non-fatal)
  • Implement a fullscreen/windowed button (very low priority)
  • Fix the Smite spell
  • Fix getting objects (currently you can get anything anywhere on the screen)
  • Put a “hit” marker on the player or NPCs when they get hit
  • Use a “missile” marker to show bow or Smite attacks
  • Make the two remaining town maps
  • Make the eight dungeon maps
  • Make the final boss castle map

And that should be it. I’m budgeting four hours to finish the infrastructure stuff – hopefully it will take less. And then the final five or so hours will be to create the actual maps of the game.

It’s getting really tight, but I already know that I’m going to ship something playable. It may not be fun or complete, but it’ll be playable, and that’s all that is required for me to consider this project a success.