I am in a beautiful mood today. This doesn’t mean that I’m happy (although I don’t feel bad). It means that I am in a mood to experience and appreciate beauty.

The day didn’t start out this way, though. I woke up feeling pretty lousy. Over the last couple of days, some things have conspired to lower my mood. Which is also why nothing else has gotten done on the RPG.

So I was driving to work early this morning…and I didn’t go to work. Instead, I went to Whole Foods.

We are fortunate here in Austin to have the world headquarters of Whole Foods. It’s a huge store, it’s gorgeous, and there are about twelve different places inside where you can get a hot meal – everything from grilled salmon to Italian to rice bowls. Everything is made fresh with no preservatives. While I’m no hippie, my attempts to lose weight have taught me exactly how much junk goes into normal preprocessed foods. Whole Foods is basically where you go when you get tired of eating McDonald’s and Wal-Mart’s crap. You pay for it, but it’s very, very good food.

So I bought some white bread, some mayonnaise and some chicken salad. I took them back to work and made myself a sandwich.


Then I turned on WinAmp. The shuffle gave me this track. (If you need a plugin to play .SPC files, you can get one here. I recommend SNESAmp for WinAmp. Of course, you should have already done this when I talked about the Front Mission soundtrack. More Super Nintendo soundtracks can be found here.)

And that pretty much clinched it. Today is all about Beauty Appreciation. There will be no listening to Cypress Hill or Audioslave. Instead, today will feature pieces from Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, and Björk, among others. Beauty forever!