First, I’d like to thank everyone who voted!

The results:

1 vote for a Platformer
1 vote for a Shoot-Em-Up
1 vote for a 3D Shooting Gallery
2 votes for a Civilization clone
2 votes for “Inverse Pac-Man, where you control the ghosts”
5 votes for an RTS
6 votes for a Starflight/Star Control 2 clone

And since that was my personal favorite of the suggestions, I will allow the vote to stand. My next game will be an outer-space RPG and combat game. I’m currently going with the title Star Sea, but that might change if I can think of something cooler. The title must have “Star” or “Stars” in it.

Before I can start on the game, though, my framework needs a lot of work. It may be a week or two before my first real update.