The camera made me mad.
I’m 6’4″. I weigh over 300 pounds. I am a big dude.

I’m not just big, I’m wide. Even if I weren’t overweight I’d still take up a whole doorframe because of the width of my shoulders.

I also like to keep my hair real short because of how grey it is. Seeing a head full of grey hair in the mirror makes me sad, so I just cut it all off.

Plus I can do the growly voice.

Because of all this, I am constantly asked if I play football. At more than one party I have been mistaken for a security guard. I have been told that I have an intimidating presence.

But I’m not intimidating. I don’t have a violent nature. I love rainbows, and, and kittens! And small children! And…and pretty stuff! Architecture! And flowers! Lots of flowers!

Sometimes I actually like to embrace my largish nature, as evidenced by the picture above (which will go on my Aspyr badge).

But I’m really just a big fuzzy-wuzzy cuddly bear, dammit!