Well, new to me, anyway.

While I’ve been working on Sandworm (my One-Page Game) I’ve been learning more about the Windows console application functions. While these aren’t really hard to use, example code is always helpful and Microsoft provides very little. So I’d been searching both the internet and Google Groups for more information on the assumption that I can’t be the only person using this stuff. But I hadn’t really found anything.

So Sandworm was almost finished when a Google search on the WriteConsoleOutput() function pointed me to an article I really really wish I’d found before I started coding. The code this article provides is much better than what I’d written, so I’m incorporating it. And anyone else who wants to write a console application should read it. It even includes an ASCII table!

And Sol has written a set of tutorials on immediate-mode GUIs. If you’ve used his SDL tutorials you know he’s an excellent writer, and immediate-mode GUIs look better to me every day (you’ll recall I used one for my combat prototype).