Here we go again. If anyone gets this one I’ll be very surprised.

Cold.  Cold and dark.  And it goes on forever.

And if you guess this game because you actually played it, I pity you. Really. I had to play it at Origin because I had to provide hints for it (so there’s a clue for you). Otherwise I’d have never touched it.

So have fun kids!

EDIT: I am so glad nobody got this game (except Ryan, who got it by Googling). The game was Noctropolis, an absolutely terrible graphic adventure released by EA. Noctropolis was supposed to be an “adult” game and it achieved that by being as juvenile as it possibly could. Blood? Yes! Boobs? Yes! Incomprehensible puzzles combined with pixel hunting? Yes!

So I’m going to call Ryan the winner here, but the truth is that by not playing this game, you’re all winners. Go you!