The Arsecast is a podcast by Graham Goring that covers news and reviews of retro and indie games. I found out about the Arsecast a few months ago just as he released episode eight…in which he announced that he was stopping. So I didn’t feel the need to link him then. Fortunately he is continuing the podcast in a new format with Bob Fearon, and thus I feel secure that if I link to the podcast now there will be new stuff in the future.

Now, I try to keep the swearing and negativity on this blog to a minimum. Graham, being British, does no such thing. He glories in eviscerating bad games, usually with the foulest language possible. He is also quite effusive with his praise when a game merits it…though the language typically isn’t any better.

Needless to say, he’s absolutely hysterical. I can’t wait for him to review Planitia.

So go listen. Just make sure you’re eighteen. Or maybe twenty-one. Heck, sometimes I feel I’m not mature enough to listen to the Arsecast…