Day: April 30, 2008

Frayed Knights Pilot is now out!

Jay Barnson, the man who inspired me to write an RPG in 40 hours with this article, has a new RPG of his own out! It’s called Frayed Knights and it combines Wizardry 8-style gameplay with as much snarky humor as you could want.

Get the “pilot episode” here. The price of admission is that you must fill out a short survey about the game so he can make it and later episodes better.

The Post Which Has No Content But Makes Grandiose Promises About Future Content

Posting’s been kind of light recently…I haven’t had that much to talk about. Mostly because the gaming scene is very console-heavy right now and I don’t own any of the current generation of consoles so…I haven’t played anything new in a while.

But I have been working on Planitia and I hopefully will have a new version for you guys to try out real soon. What’s the holdup? Well…

Okay, so I’ve got all the god powers implemented in a very basic fashion. But I haven’t yet upgraded the AI to be able to deal with them yet, so it’s now trivial to beat the computer. But I do need to get started tweaking and balancing the god powers. What to do?

The answer? Well…add multiplayer.

‘Sright. I’ve been working hard on the multiplayer version of Planitia and I’m hoping to have it ready to test by the end of May at the latest. If I can get enough people interested, it should be pretty easy to get the god powers balanced. I’ll then write an AI for the single-player version that can deal with the player’s power set.

But that’s not the only thing I want to do. I also want to start doing at least one ten-minute video a month – either a video blog, a spotlight on an existing game, or something more involved like a Let’s Play. In fact, there are two games I’m seriously thinking of Let’s Playing – System Shock 2 and Starflight.

So there you have it! I’ve got absolutely nothing for you, but I might in the future! Isn’t that great?!