Being unemployed just causes time to slow…way…down. You spend your days emailing people you’ve never met before while constantly refreshing your mail client and keeping one ear cocked for a phone ring. It is, frankly, an awful way to live, and I’m hoping not to have to do it any more soon.

And because of this, I just don’t have much to talk about right now. Sure, I could make good on my threat to destroy PSRD in a massive post detailing what I think about various subjects but that seems like a copout…and I’m still a bit reticent about using my newfound power to say whatever the hell I want because in the end, far too many subjects have become far too polarized. People are actually deciding that their friends aren’t their friends any more, not because said friends have stolen from them or harmed them, or forgot to pick them up from the airport, but simply because they have different political views. Politics just aren’t that important. It’s a minefield, and it’s one best avoided (though if you diligently search my previous posts you’ll probably get a good feel for my beliefs).

Oh! I’m going to start giving PTFSD updates again. I’m currently at 316, which if you’ve been keeping track means I’ve lost about 40 pounds so far from my high of 355. I’d very much like to be below 300 for my birthday, but that’s not looking like it’s going to happen. Still, I’m hoping to get down to around 275 by the end of the year – that’s just another 40 pounds, so it should be doable. And of course every pound I lose means my heart can take it that much easier.

As for gaming…well, I’ve even less time for it now than I used to. Typically I just jump into 2Fort and do some sniping. I played the Halo Wars demo and the game looks perfectly serviceable…if a little uninspired.

Actually, right now my kids are going nuts over this little game called The Maw on XBLA. Maw’s a purple…thing with big teeth. He’s cute and menacing at the same time. You play as his friend Frank and your goal is simply to progress to the end of each level (there’s an overall story about a spaceship crashing and alien planets but it’s not that important).

As Maw eats the cute little critters on each level, he gets bigger – and he can actually steal abilities from some creatures. For instance, eating a fire lizard on the first level gives him flame breath. The character designs are great, the puzzles are simple but fun and the violence is played for laughs. All three of my kids enjoyed it, even the one who is allegedly grown up now.