Day: February 6, 2009

So I’ve created a personal blog. “But Anthony!” I hear you cry. “We thought this was your personal blog! It even says so on the About Me page!”

That’s the thing…I’ve sort of used this as a hybrid blog – talking about technical subjects when I wanted and then posting cute stories about my kids. The problem is that the two don’t really go together…and I’m trying to customize this blog to be as much use to budding game developers and potential employers as possible. Thus, the personal stuff goes to, on a blog which I’ve dubbed GameDevDad.

So what stays?

* Obviously all of my hardcore game development articles like Practical Direct3D Programming and Pix will stay here. You won’t find articles like that on

* All of my games will stay here.

* My professional resume and contact info will stay here.

* Name That Game! stays, because often I use it to make a point about game design or game history.

* Writeups on game developers (like the one I did on Jeff Vogel) will stay here.

On the other hand…

* I won’t be mentioning my family or my various health problems here after this post.

* Let’s Play Starflight will be on GameDevDad hereforth.

* Be aware that I’ll be breaking PSRD much more often on GameDevDad than I did here; heck, that’s one of the reasons I’m making the site. If you’re afraid that by reading about my personal beliefs you might discover something about me that causes you not to like me any more, you should probably stay here.

And it’s entirely possible that some articles will get crossposted.

Welcome to my new personal blog!

Well, I’d been thinking about doing this for a while and friends of mine suggested that some of my posts on might be offputting to potential employers.

So welcome to my new personal blog!  Here I’ll be talking about my family, my hobbies, and self-improvement.   And I won’t be as leery about breaking PSRD (on I do not discuss politics, sex, religion or drugs).   And while I didn’t want to turn into an “Anthony recovers from his heart attack” blog, I’ll be talking a lot more about it here.

What you won’t see here are long treatises on game development topics; for that you should still continue to check

So, welcome!  Come in, sit a spell, put  your feet up.  And don’t be surprised if the chilluns jump on you.