…and I came across a boxed copy of the D&D 3 Starter Set, which I bought a couple years ago.

While it sat on my desk, my son David walked into the room.

“Dungeons…Dragons Basic Game”, he read.

“Dungeons AND Dragons. That symbol means ‘and’,” I said.

“Can I play Dungeons & Dragons?” he asked.

Well. Under normal circumstances, the answer would have been a quick yes. The Basic Game was fun, but Megan and I have moved on to Fourth Edition, and the rules in the Basic Game go up to – get this – level 2.

But at this point it was almost his bedtime.

“I’m sorry, boy. You can play it in the morning.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

At six AM I awoke to find my son David standing over me.

“Good morning, Daddy,” he said, to his credit.

“Good morning!” I replied.

“Can I play Dungeons & Dragons?”