So. Back on July 16th I wrote a post on my professional blog about Brad Wardell and the history of Stardock. Dave Shramek, a friend of mine, pointed out that Stardock was actually hiring a bunch of developers. So I sent in a resume.

Then, on August 3, I started working for Warped Productions. I thought my job search was over, and I’d won.

And then about two weeks ago, I got a phone call from…uh…Brad Wardell. He was doing a 15-minute pre-screen on candidates and, despite the fact that my voice was shot (possibly from yelling at chilluns) I guess I passed.

Because today I got a phone call from Cari Begle and Jesse Brindle. Cari was the lead developer on Galactic Civilizations II and Jesse Brindle was the 3D programmer responsible for creating the battle sequences. They grilled me on my past projects, what games I like to play and some technical issues.

And now apparently I’m going to take a trip to Michigan to see them in person. Stardock is interested in me. Glee!

Needless to say, my bosses at Warped already know about all this. I’ll continue to work hard for them for as long as they employ me, and since Stardock has a huge number of excellent candidates, there’s a darn good chance I won’t make the cut and I’ll continue to make iPhone games for Warped (which, frankly, is not a bad thing at all).

Still, we’re in “it’s an honor just to be nominated” territory, and it will leave me with a very tough decision should Stardock say yes.