I miss Left 4 Dead.

I must say, the Mac Mini is a nice little machine. In the end, the thing that infuriates me most about Apple isn’t their hardware; their hardware is well put together.

It’s that they charge double the normal profit margins on their devices and then get people to buy into their “cult of personality” to justify paying that much.

And their “Mac vs. PC” commercials absolutely infuriate me because they use a debating tactic called “scripting your opposition”. What PC says in those commercials isn’t written by Microsoft or Dell or HP. It’s written by Apple.

The potential computer buyer says, “I want a computer that just works, without thousands of bugs and viruses and crashes.”

(Let’s not even mention that the biggest problems facing computer users today aren’t viruses or bugs, but browser-based phishing, malicious tracking cookies or snooping of private data, all of which a Mac is just as susceptible to as a PC.)

PC should then say “Microsoft operating systems have been inherently stable since Windows NT 4, and the most rudimentary virus/malware protection like AVG Free will ensure that you never have those problems.”

But no, he acts like an idiot and says “Every PC is going to have those problems.” Which is a bald-faced lie. Why? Because he’s scripted by Apple, the opposition.

(This was why I eventually gave up on the TV show The West Wing. Despite the likable characters, snappy dialog and interesting plots, in the end the show was written by Democrats. And the writers would always, always, always misrepresent non-Democrat views in order to easily dismiss them.)

So I hereby present the “Mac vs. PC” commercial I’d most like to see. I must admit I didn’t come up with this, I saw it in someone’s sig.

Mac: “Hi, I’m a Mac!”
PC: “And I’m a PC.”
Mac: “Hey, whatcha doin’ over there, PC?”
PC: “Playing a game.”
Mac: “Oh yeah? Which one?”
PC: “All of them.”

And then PC slugs Mac in the stomach.

I may have added that last part myself.