Work on Elemental has slacked off slightly, so it’s time to ramp this blog back up again!

I’d like to talk about Stardock and Elemental; I really would. But…well, if you want information about Elemental, you should be going to the official website, and while Stardock is an excellent place to work, I don’t have lots of goofy stories about working there yet.

Except one.

Once Brad took us out to look at some of his abandoned beehives, which were being scavenged by other bees. Because these bees weren’t defending their hive, they completely ignored us – we were standing right in the middle of a cloud of them and never got stung. Then I reached into the hive and pulled out a handful of just-made honey and ate it, just like Winnie-the-Pooh.

That sure as hell never happened at any previous place I’ve ever worked.