Inaria!  Compiled with NetBeans and Cygwin!

“But Viridian!” I hear you exclaim. (My god, you exclaim loud. Keep it down, will ya?) “This is just the same Inaria that you’ve been peddling for years now!”

Ah, but it is not. For this version of Inaria was compiled using the NetBeans IDE and the Cygwin compiler platform. And since the source does not call any Windows libraries, that means I could very easily make a Linux version.

If Linux didn’t hate me.

So why’d I do this? Well, I had an interview recently, and the company is using NetBeans as their IDE so I figured I’d get familiar with it. It’s actually quite good – similar enough to Visual Studio that I could figure things out quick. And it’s got one nice feature – hold CTRL and mouse over an include directive and it’ll tell you the path of the file you’re including (or tell you that it cannot find it). Nice.

More good stuff tomorrow, including a CHALLENGE! (For me, not for you. Sorry.)