Month: October 2010


In my last post my friend Dave commented thusly:

I know you’re out of games and I know you’re not into moving away any time soon. But I feel I must say that BioWare Austin does have many programmer positions currently open and actively hiring. And I’m not saying this just to get an iPad. I’m saying this because I know you’d like it here.

Dave, you tempt me, but

a) the last time I tried to apply to Bioware Austin they didn’t seem particularly interested in me, even though Wynne vouched for me. I don’t think anything has happened that would make me any more appealing to them now.

b) we have no money to move and are not in a moving mode anyway, and

3) EA Louse seems to suggest that Bioware may be having some troubles of their own. I hate to be swayed by such fearmongering, but this is my family I’m talking about.

So I’ll be sticking it out up here. I think finding another contract job as well as getting Inaria ready for publication is my best bet right now.

What. The. Hell.

Okay! Let’s talk about expectations vs. reality.

I was recently hired by Somanetics to do some refactoring of their codebase and fix some graphical issues with one of their embedded devices. My contract was to last six months, after which Somanetics would have the option to hire me. When my current boss introduced me to one of the VPs and described what I could do, the VP became excited at the thought of how a “real” graphics programmer could improve the software. As we walked out of his office, my current boss remarked, “You probably just doubled your contract!”

Now, I knew that Somanetics had been bought recently, but that didn’t seem to be affecting day-to-day operations of the company.

So everything was fine. Hunky to the dorey, in fact…until last Wednesday.

When we discovered that our new parent was closing this office upon completion of our current project.

Fortunately, the other contractors and I are considered essential to the completion of said current project, so we’ll stay on until probably the first of next year. Then I’m going to be unemployed again.

It’s almost as if Fate or Destiny or the Great Will of the Macrocosm is saying, “Look, man. GO INDIE. How many companies do we have to destroy before you get it? Just do it! Just trust yourself and do it!”

Name That Game 72!

This week’s theme is “From Tiny Acorns…”

Aaaaaand, other than telling you it was an action-adventure-puzzle game using DOS text mode (which you could probably figure out just from the screenshot), I’m not giving anything away on this one. It should be easy enough 🙂

Name and developer, please! And for a twist, I want the developer’s actual name.

Okay, Here We Go!

I had a responsibility that I had to discharge before I could have the time necessary to start on my “Make A Game and Sell One Copy by the End of October” thingy. (Needless to say I’ve already lost the competition; those Ludum Dare guys are ruthless!)

So the game is going to be Inaria. I’ve got the improved version I was making for the iPhone; since I don’t have the hardware necessary to finish that version it’s going to come back to the PC and be my first…commmercial…game! DUNH-DUNH-DUUUNH!

So, I’ve got nine days to finish Inaria and get it up and running. Dreamhost has a free “e-business” web package that I will probably use at first until I inevitably discover that it doesn’t fit my needs and I have to try something else.

Get ready to journey through a new Inaria!

Employed. And Sick.

I am now employed on a contract basis by a company called Somanetics. They make medical sensing equipment, and I’ll be refactoring their code and writing new GUI libraries so that their future devices can have better-looking, more responsive interfaces. It seems to be a really nice company.

Which is why it really sucks that I had to leave early on my second day because I felt like poo-poo. And it’s entirely possible I will be out tomorrow for the same poo-poo reason. Not an auspicious start to my career.

And hey, did someone tell me that Oracle VM VirtualBox was a FREE piece of software that would allow me to set up a virtual machine capable of running Linux or XP inside Windows 7 and I just not hear them? We use it at work with Ubuntu and it’s pretty damn amazing. And FREE. Hopefully Linux will like me better soon!